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Michela Mecacci
My Earth

Michela Mecacci - My Earth

I’m Michela Mecacci, Fairy Elf

pouring overflowing magic all over the Earth, and happy to carry on this Mission…
I’ve been travelling non stop for over 9 years without a real “plan” only following the directions of Universe. I found on my path so many gifts and I collected them in a special and enchanted selection melting together the elements of every land I touched. These objects infused by symbols and magic are meant to be a shining portal in this dimension, a connection to a very deeper level where everything is really possible, remembering who we are….

You will find several Earth-Heart connections in my pages…Art creativity spirituality intuitions and magic are always flowing like a river. read more

Jay Ligda
Images of God

I’m a photographer & tech enthusiast

Images of God photography is based on the experience/belief is that everything is a manifestation of the divine consciousness that I’ve come to understand as “God.”  These photographs are close up shots of the body of this divine consciousness that is and pervades everything.  As each of these photographs is a representative of but one pore on this great body, it is barely a beginning in understanding the divinity that flows through each and every one of us. read more

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