Jay Ligda

All throughout the day we a bombarded with imagery that is unique to our individual perspective. We never view the same thing in an exact manner twice. With my photography, I’ve actively sought out and captured some of my unique views of the the world to share with you. It is my intention to provide a perspective that is slightly out of the ordinary; a perspective that you might ordinarily pass by without a second glance. Some of these images succeed in this, while others do not. The world is full of these unique perspectives that because of our frame of references, we pass on by.

I’ve enjoyed photography in my life as a two dimensional representative of a world we perceive in three. Images are never the same in the photograph as they are in real life. When I look at a subject to photograph, I always close one eye. This eliminates my three dimensional perspective and gives me a more precise idea of how the final photograph will turn out.

Similarly, I believe the universe to be multi-dimensional. While through our limited sensory input, we perceive the world around us in three dimensions, what we are really seeing is a less precise perspective of a universe with a greater number of dimensions than we can perceive with our limited sensory input.

With his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein developed a four dimensional model of the universe with time as the fourth dimension. He called this “space-time.” Similarly, I imagine there is a fifth dimension of consciousness. God is the place where all consciousness unites. From our three dimensional perspective we view “God fragments,” as separate chunks of the same reality. “Images of God” is a metaphor for this limited perspective by providing a two dimensional view of a three dimensional reality.

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